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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fine tuning the Signal

RECEIVE temporal blessings without ostentation, when they are sent; and thou shalt be able to part with them with all readiness and facility when they are taken from thee again.

I am in the process of fine tuning my life. As I wrote yesterday in my blog, determining the Big Rocks, and crafting my life to make sure that those rocks get the majority of my attention. It is so much easier when you realize that "things" are borrowed and not possessed. They are on a temporary loan and once they have served their purpose they can be let go without pain or regret if we hold them as temporal and do not find our "value" in the possession of them.
The Fall and Winter are shaping up to be busy times. We have at least three Stoic Workshops a month, possibly four depending on the number of applicants for the Introduction session, and we have the seasonal celebrations and various other activities to support the community.  Included on that calendar must be visits with family, etc.  My work also must take a good portion of that calendar in order to meet my clients' requirements and do my part in paying the bills and keeping the household afloat.
I think going through the re-evaluation process in August is crucial to me remaining focused and productive through the Fall/Winter period.  I am going to go through my home one room at a time, determine it's function/purpose and declutter and ensure that what is in that room helps the room to function, etc.  I will blog each room as I go through this purpose.  Wish me luck!