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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Picking up the Pace Again

It has been a long while (two months) since I have written a blog post.  I have been deep in the throes of home renovations, frantically trying to get a granny suite ready for my Mom-in-law to come home to April lst.  We did not get it completely finished but will be painting the unit the week of April 22.

My own home, upstairs, is needing much attention.  We have the dining room to finish, our bedroom, bathroom and then all of the rooms need painting.  We have felt the lack of peace in our home.

The Stoic workshops were put on hold while our living room was in total chaos and Michel and I dealt with a horrible flu/cold.  We are starting back up this Friday and I look forward to having the conversations and fellowships that the workshops bring into our home.

Spring has sprung and it is time to grow again and allow for change and new possibilities.  While finishing off our home renovations I am planning a raised bed garden to be planted in May, after the Victoria Day weekend.  Michel and I are speaking on Modern Day Stoicism as a spiritual path at Gaia Gathering that weekend.  We are spending time preparing for that 90 min presentation just down the road from our home in Gatineau, QC.

I am feeling the motivation and promise of the future awakening in me again after the long and hard winter of loss and growth.  The promise of summer and the future lie ahead.