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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morning Ramblings...

Today I am preoccupied with the world and the state that it is in.  The protests on Wall Street, people rising up against the weatlthy and the priviledged...  I am reminded of France before the revolution.  Situations that are caused by humanity's lack of caring for each other.  It is easy when you are living the "good life" to forget those who you have used and climbed up on to reach the pinnacle of whatever ladder it is you are climbing.  There are those who live at the top of the ladder and live there with principles and caring, doing what they can to make the world a better place.  Unfortunately, they are not nearly as vocal as the ones in the one percent that have caused this ninety-nine percent to rise up against them.

I cannot magically change the world to be a just place.  My small contribution is not felt on the streets of New York where people are hurting but I can be felt in my community, in my family, and in my home.  I can create an oasis of calm in a crazy hurting world where all are welcome.  I can grow gardens and help to replenish the earth in my small corner.  I can raise my children with principles and virtues, who in turn will be kinder to others and raise their children with the same principles and virtues.  I can teach a spiritual path that I believe helps us make sense of this world and gives us a beacon to cut through the darkness of confusion and apathy.  In my small way I can make this world a kinder place.

One small grain of sand is the start of a beautiful pearl.