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Friday, October 14, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

Today's Stoic reading reminded me of the necessity to act to change our circumstances, situation, or "world" ourselves.  We are responsible for what we perceive as important in life.  If we are unhappy with our current situation we must do the work in order to change it.  We need to have a Vision and then break that Vision down into manageable Goals that are necessary in order to have the possibility of that Vision.  The Goals are in our control and achievable, the Vision, while out of our control, is the "big picture dream" that we wish to end up with at the end of our Goals.  As my mother-in-law said to my husband when he was growing up,  reach for the moon and at the very least you will end up amongst the stars.

Good words to ponder on a rainy Friday morning.  :)