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Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to home and busyness...

I had a wonderful last camping weekend of the year this weekend past.  The tents and equipment will all be packed away for another year.  The evenings were extremely cold even with our extra duvets and the camp cots off of the floor of the tent.  I think we will need to find a better solution so that we can pack everything into a trailer or something and leave it all together so that getting out for weekends will be much less of an ordeal.

Tonight we are visiting with close friends and then tomorrow night we have our last Live Stoic workshop for the month of September.  I am taking it easy and being kind to myself today as my body is feeling some after effects of camping in cold and damp.  Muscles are achey and throat is scratchy...  Nothing that can't be cured with warm liquids and sleeping in our comfortable bed.  Sleep was an elusive thing last night though, waking up twice in the night and even staying up for an hour or so at one point.  I really did sleep better out at Raven's Knoll, even though it is duck hunting season and the hunters shots could be heard quite early in the morning.  Poor ducks!  Michel mentioned that the fact that the hunters kept shooting was probably a good indicator that they were missing... LOL!  That made me feel a little better somehow.  I know people who hunt for food and that I don't have a problem with but the "hunting as a sport" without a need bothers me.

We had a wonderful time visiting with old friends and making new ones this weekend.  Our campsite became a Village where everyone was welcome.  Food stretched to accomodate everyone and hopefully everyone was made to feel welcome.  The Stoic session we gave on our connections to each other and the universe seemed to go over very well.  All in all an excellent and enjoyable weekend.