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Friday, September 30, 2011

This Too Shall Pass...

OH, wretched I! to whom this mischance is happened! nay, happy I, to whom this thing being happened, I can continue without grief; neither wounded by that which is present, nor in fear of that which is to come. For as for this, it might have happened unto any man, but any man having such a thing befallen him, could not have continued without grief. Why then should that rather be an unhappiness, than this a happiness? But however, canst thou, O man! term that unhappiness, which is no mischance to the nature of man! Canst thou think that a mischance to the nature of man, which is not contrary to the end and will of his nature? What then hast thou learned is the will of man's nature? Doth that then which hath happened unto thee, hinder thee from being just? or magnanimous? or temperate? or wise? or circumspect? or true? or modest? or free? or from anything else of all those things in the present enjoying and possession whereof the nature of man (as then enjoying all that is proper unto her,) is fully satisfied?


This quote is especially applicable today.  I am in the worst pain that I have felt in about seven months. "OH, wretched I! to whom this mischance is happened!"  Wow, it would be so easy to read this first sentence and just wallow in it.  Justify feeling down and badly done by because my body is totally rebelling against me today.  It is a rainy, cold, damp day and my body is on fire.  On fire to the point that my daughter gently touched my side to warn me she was moving behind me and a shooting flame shot through my body from her touch.  So easy to sink down into the mire of despair today, especially since I have to step out of my comfort zone and lead the discussion night tonight as my husband is away on business.  I would much rather cancel and hibernate in my house until he gets home tomorrow, but I have made a commitment and do not wish to leave my friends who have kindly offered their home for the event to handle the fallout.  I will get on the bus and get to Rideau Street so I can get a ride from a good friend and make sure I have enough money to take a taxi home.

" nay, happy I, to whom this thing being happened, I can continue without grief; neither wounded by that which is present, nor in fear of that which is to come."  Even so, I am happy.  I have so much in my life to be thankful for.  I will greet the day with peace in my heart and be thankful that all the pieces of my body that hurt are there and I can still feel them.  I will focus on the things that I am thankful for and maintain my equilibrium.

My thankful list:

  1. my amazing husband, who is unique and like no other man I know
  2. my incredible adult children, each unique and equally special in their own way
  3. my parents who raised me in such a loving and stable environment
  4. my three sisters who love me unconditionally and their amazing families
  5. my mother-in-law and in-law family who love me like their own blood kin
  6. my multiple friends who love me just the way I am, warts and all
  7. my home, needs renos but has fantastic bones and I am thankful for the roof over my head in this pouring rain today.  :)
  8. my pets, loving furry sources of much comfort
  9. Canada, my adopted country for being a land of freedom and ethical choices (for the most part)
  10. England, my home country for being such a wonderful and magical place to be a young child
  11. and the list goes on...
Let's all remember our "thankful" list and focus on the important things in life today.