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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is the goal and how do I get there?

When setting our sights on something or someone we must consider what effect this "something" will have on our life. What will its effect be... Is it of a good influence? If it is neither good nor bad I must count the cost of attaining it and maintaining it in my life. I cannot pursue it in an immoral fashion or at the expense of more important things. Definitely things to consider when making decisions and moving forward in life.
I am in the process of life planning as  mentioned in previous posts.  The Stoic reading for today was a post from Marcus Aurelius' Meditations that encourages us to think of the long term effects of something that we are currently "desiring".  This is something I definitely need to consider when it comes to home renovations, etc.  Every plan we make and every thing that we purchase must be a step along the way to the long term goal that we have set before us.  We want our home to be a clean, organized, low maintenance (as much as possible), inviting place for ourselves, family and friends.  We have so many lovely things that we have picked up over the years that we will not need to purchase much.  We just need to revamp what we already have and redesign our home with these goals in mind. It is so easy to want to impress people with what we have, buy the best super tub on the market, when one that is less expensive and yet still attractive and functional will do.  

In all things we need to be careful stewards of what we have in this life.  We need to be fiscally and morally responsible with all of the blessings that we have in this life.  Plan for the future but be totally present in the now.  This is the challenge!  ;)