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Monday, September 12, 2011

A new week, new day, and a new blog!

Today is the start of this new blog.  I decided that this blog is going to be about my "inner life" and my musings on Stoic thoughts and concepts.  My "Meditations" so to speak.

Yesterday was my son's 25th birthday.  Wow, 25 years of being a mother seems like such a long time and yet it feels like it was just yesterday that I was "single" me.  That time with only myself to guide through life seems so long ago and yet I must start getting back in touch with that woman that wasn't constantly distracted by the needs of others.  It is time to figure out what really "makes me tick" without feeling that I am somehow being selfish or abandoning my children or husband.  With all adult children, the youngest is 20, I no longer have to feel like someone else's needs or desires are my absolute first priority.  So here is the space I will be musing about my day to day responses to life's challenges in a Stoic manner.  Here is the space that I will discuss my desires, hopes and fears.  Here is the space where I will begin to find the balance in my life that became unbalanced with the role of Mother taking dominance over all else in my life.  Here is the space where I will begin to discover that rare elusive creature called ME, Pamela Susan Lindley Daw.