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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is in my control...

Today's Stoic reading was all about what is truly in our control.  The conclusion that I drew, after the reading, is that the only things that are truly in our control is our choices and our decisions.  We have no control over the consequences of our decisions or our circumstances in life.  Life and the Fates will do with us what they will.  I have no control over the dampness, humidity and weather today.  I have no control over how my body reacts to that dampness.  Movement is painful today and yet there is work to be done for my client, jam to be made, meals to be made and housework to be done.  Medication for pain is my friend today as is perseverance and determination.  The summer was a relatively pain free time for me this year.  I had hoped that my various mobility issues and aches and pains, etc. had possibly been fleeting.  This, unfortunately, does not appear to be the case, but, until the medical establishment can give me answers, I will keep moving forward.  I will use the virtues as my guides for decision making, make my "best" choice available and let the consequences of my choices go.  The consequences are beyond my control, I can only hope to lay the best foundation possible with my choices, and then move through my day.

I am blessed today.  I have nowhere near the pain and physical challenges that many of my friends do.  I can still keep going and work through pain and discomfort.  I can feel blessed that over the counter medication can still bring me some relief, hot water, and heating pads can still help me loosen up tightened and sore muscles.

Yesterday was a day of working for my client and discussing Stoic principles with friends online.  Yesterday was a good day.  Today will be a good day as well.  :)