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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can I Have a "Do Over"?

So today is a rough day.  More car problems after having it break down while visiting my convalescing mother over the weekend.  We were delayed by a day, Michel missing a day of work, until we were able to get the car fixed.  Driving home last night, Michel saw the "check engine" light come on and stay on again. We were going to Oshawa this weekend but that has had to be cancelled due to the car "issues". 

On one hand it will be good to stay home and get some much needed work done around the house (lawns, organizing, etc.), on the other it is hard to let people down and also not get the opportunity to see my Mum this weekend.  Oh well, as we say "it is what it is".

Honestly, some times it feels like we need to do a "do over" or "rewrite" of our life in order to be able to accomplish what is important to us.  Oh well, time to get back to paid work for the day.  Catch you for my next post.

Addendum due to the need to clarify my post above:

When I talk about a "Do Over" I mean take a step back and do a reassessment of the road I am headed on right now... home owner, Empty-Nester, reduced income, health issues etc. Seems like my life today is totally different to last year at this time. Yet, I am still plodding on as if life is the same... just want to make sure that I consider all of my options and possibilities and don't feel that I am lock-stepped into just one way of living on a daily basis.   We have priorities that we want to accomplish and I just want to make sure that we are living in such a way as our priorities don't have to take a back seat to day to day demands due to our "lifestyle" etc.