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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today I celebrate the day a wonderful woman came into my life, my oldest daughter, Lindley.  Today is the day that we focus on her more than any other day in the year.

When I think of what a joy she was when she came into my life and what a joy she is in my life now, I am filled with wonder.  The little girl who had the most beautiful dark eyes and the curly hair that felt like silk against my cheek is now a woman with a husband and a career and yet she still makes my heart sing with wonder.

What a privilege it is to be a mother.  What a blessing to know someone as well as a mother knows her child.  Although she has her own home, husband, career, friends, I am privileged to be one of her best friends as she is one of mine.  Her intelligence and zany sense of humour is a constant blessing to me. I think of her future with wonder at what she will accomplish in life, proud of the wonderful woman she has become.

To be a parent is a wondrous thing but to be a partner in someone's life is even better.  Happy birthday smiley girl, I love you!