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Monday, May 7, 2018

ANY of those things that trouble and straighten thee, it is in thy power to cut off, as wholly depending from mere conceit and opinion, and then thou shalt have room enough. - 

If we can control how we perceive troubles in our lives, we often find that they are not quite so troublesome. A change of outlook can often act like a virtual room cleansing of our spirit and attitude.

Life is what it is and there are circumstances that are beyond our control to stop but we can change our perception of them and find serenity.

Work has been extremely busy lately.  I have often been coming home and working into the evenings and also spending time on the weekends to try to "catch up".  It is easy to feel overcome and over run when life gets so busy, but, I find if I can take even 30 minutes to decompress, find a patch of sunshine or some bracing breeze, often like cobwebs being swept out of the house on a spring day, we can clear our mind.  I am blessed in that I love what I do and feel like I am making a difference in the world on a daily basis in my employment. 

It is my choice as to how and when I address each task/responsibility.  This is in my control.  Time to make a list of everything and prioritize my time!

Have a great day everyone!