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Friday, December 28, 2018

IF you should live 3000 years, or as many as 10,000, yet remember this, that man can part with no life properly save with that little part of life which he now lives: and that which he lives is no other than that which at every instant he parts with. That life then which is longest of duration, and that which is shortest, come both to one effect. For although in regard to the life which is already past there may be some inequality, yet that time which is now present and in being is equal for all men. And that being the only time which we part with when we die, it manifestly appears that it can be but a moment of time that we then part with. For as for that which is either past or to come, a man cannot be said properly to part with it. For how should a man part with that which he does not have?


Today's reading from our Words blog was for December 28th and spoke to something that I have been wrestling with over the past year or more.  The death of my niece, Rachel, at 34 and the death of my niece, Kyra, at 25, greatly impacted me.  The holiday season just serves to be a constant reminder of those who are no longer walking with us in this life.  The short lifespan of these two lovely nieces, one due to complications from recurrent lung issues, and one through a battle with recurring depression, seemed to illustrate the fleeting nature and leave me with a sense of unfairness at the brevity of their life times.

Today's reading, quoted above, hit me with a realization that if, as Stoics, we live in the present moment, the now, we are all given the same amount of time to live.  If we let go of living in the past and living in the future but truly embrace the moment of time that is now, we all have the same moment to live fully.  Instead of living with regret, or living in a constant feverish sense of hope for the future, but live deeply in the now, we are truly and fully living.

Now is enough. Now is full of love, wonder and light and needs to be fully embraced and explored in all of its depths. Now if full of memory, promise and also wonder.

Monday, May 7, 2018

ANY of those things that trouble and straighten thee, it is in thy power to cut off, as wholly depending from mere conceit and opinion, and then thou shalt have room enough. - 

If we can control how we perceive troubles in our lives, we often find that they are not quite so troublesome. A change of outlook can often act like a virtual room cleansing of our spirit and attitude.

Life is what it is and there are circumstances that are beyond our control to stop but we can change our perception of them and find serenity.

Work has been extremely busy lately.  I have often been coming home and working into the evenings and also spending time on the weekends to try to "catch up".  It is easy to feel overcome and over run when life gets so busy, but, I find if I can take even 30 minutes to decompress, find a patch of sunshine or some bracing breeze, often like cobwebs being swept out of the house on a spring day, we can clear our mind.  I am blessed in that I love what I do and feel like I am making a difference in the world on a daily basis in my employment. 

It is my choice as to how and when I address each task/responsibility.  This is in my control.  Time to make a list of everything and prioritize my time!

Have a great day everyone!