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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Two weeks in Rehab

So tomorrow marks the two week point that Michel has been at the rehabilitation hospital.  He has made so much progress! He can move his forearm, hand and fingers.  He can lift his knee and foot and bear weight on his right.  He can stand for 5 minutes.  He no longer needs the lift to transfer from his bed to wheelchair and back.  He is becoming so much stronger.

I am so thankful for all of the staff that are so caring and motivating and are helping Michel get his life back.  I am posting a few pictures below.

This was our early celebration of father's day with Michel, before our daughter and her fiancée went on their honeymoon that they were unable to postpone.  Their wedding was supposed to be June 1st but they were able to postpone until August 17th so Michel would be there.

Michel is now able to stand and just hold onto the bed rail for stability. We were able to have an outing outside in the sunshine today and it was wonderful to sit together outside.

Life is awesome.  Be thankful for every blessing.


  1. So awesome he is doing so well. Im surprised they dont have his affected arm in a sling. My fiancee wore his for quite a while so his arm wouldnt droop. An AFO for his affected leg would be worth inquiring about as well. It helps with stability and gait. Bravo Michael keep going. The brain has an amazing ability to rewire itself you just have to keep pushing.

  2. So glad all is progressing well!