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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Tough Decisions

Michel and I had a bit of a roller coaster week last week.  Michel continued to make strides in Physio and Occupational Therapy but his medical team expressed some concerns to him about his scheduled release date.  Michel had contracted an infection near his toes on the top of his right affected foot that had caused a lot of pain and issues in performing his physiotherapy routines.  As soon as he was started on a course of antibiotics, double Tylenol and Lyrica before bed, his pain subsided and the toe has begun to heal.  Physiotherapy was able to happen again towards the end of the week.  Michel experienced a landmark feat of walking with a walker through the physiotherapy room and into a good part of the hallway by his room.  YAY!

With the concerns of his care team being heard and also the plans and equipment that we have put into place at home, it was agreed that Michel could come home this weekend for a visit.  It would also give us the chance to trial what it would be like when Michel came home full time.  It was lovely being able to spend uninterrupted time together.  I loved being able to do some cooking in my kitchen for Michel as well.  My kitchen hasn't had much love lately with sharing my time between work and the hospital. While things went well they did not go as smoothly as we had hoped.  Our new apartment does cause a few challenges with a too narrow doorway to the bathroom and to the bedroom for his wheelchair to enter.  This meant that Michel had to rely on his walker to do longer transports between bed and chair. We had rented a commode which ended up being needed as getting into the bathroom was not ideal as well. This weekend illustrated the challenges that day to day life on our own would consist of at this point in Michel's recovery.

This morning we had a good discussion about the pros and cons of insisting on keeping Michel's current release date or taking the offer of more time in convalescent care. We have decided that Michel should take advantage of the opportunity to grow even stronger before he comes home. It's been a hard decision but we both think it is the best one.  Michel will continue to be at the Elizabeth Bruyere Continuing Care Rehabilitation ward until a place at The Perley in Ottawa opens up for him. At that point he will be able to have physio and occupational therapy there and also be part of the Out Patient rehabilitation unit at Elizabeth Bruyere. We will continue to do weekend visits home during this time. As soon as he feels that he is ready he will be able to come home and continue the Out Patient therapy.

It helps to be a practicing Stoic in these moments. At first I was filled with the emotions wanting the long weeks of loneliness to be over for both of us.  Soon though our reason kicked in with the understanding that it is just too easy for Michel to be seriously hurt when he is not yet physically strong enough to deal with our home setup. We need to focus on how much improvement he has already had and keep working towards the goal of him coming home set up for success.

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  1. Sorry you had a setback but glad things are moving in the right direction once more. Hugs to you both!